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Author Fritzner Lee Altidor

Author Fritzner Lee Altidor will be at the Linden Public Library on Monday, June 13th, 2016 at 7:00 pm.  Born in rural Cabaret, Haiti, Fritzner Lee Altidor pillared early on in his native village in school as a boy who excelled in all academic attempts. Immigrating to the United States after high school, Fritz found himself pursuing the business world, graduating with college honors with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Rutgers University. Thereafter, he became a certified public accountant and went on to earn his Master’s degree and then a law degree. He has worked for several reputable banking organizations and other local accounting firms since graduating college.  A man with no particular comfort zone and in constant search of life’s challenges, Fritzner surprisingly discovered his true passion, immersing himself in imaginary worlds. Fritz began to write every thought, knowing that every word has its own story. Meticulously playing a fragile mosaic image in a real-life solid frame, Fritz introduces the world to “On The Run from Evil Benefactors,” a novel from the heart. The story takes its readers from the comfort of the western world to the impoverished streets of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti exposing social injustice and corruption.

The Linden Library is located at 31 E. Henry Street.  To register for the program, please call 908-298-3830.