Library Cards


To obtain your own Linden Library card, you will need the following forms of identification:

  1. A valid, current driver's license showing a Linden address
  2. If you do not possess a current New Jersey driver's license, you must present two forms of ID, one from each of the following categories:
    • Category A
    • Utility Bill (phone, gas, electric)
    • Payroll Stub
    • Bank Account Statement
    • Property Tax Bill
    • Rental Lease (showing your name and a Linden address)
    • Category B
    • Social Security card
    • Voter Registration Card
    • Senior ID
    • Current Driver's License with out-of-town address

Children & Young Adults (Pre-School - Age 17)

To obtain a Linden Library card for children and young adults:

  1. Children who are Linden residents may apply for a library card if they can write their full name. Registration must be done in person.
  2. A parent or legal guardian (with proof of guardianship) must accompany the child in order to sign both the application and the library card, and also be present for renewals every two years. They must also decide whether or not to approve Internet usage.
  3. Proof of Linden residency must be presented before the card can be issued.



All materials borrowed by the patron are expected to be returned in the condition in which they were borrowed.

Media items must be returned with all cover art, booklets, inserts, and/or liner notes they contained when they were borrowed.

Patrons are responsible for all damaged and lost materials.

Loans & Renewals

Certain adult media items such as DVDs and Audiobooks can only be checked out to patrons who are 18 years or older.

The last checkout time for DVDs is 15 minutes before closing.

Patrons may renew their materials online by heading over to the "My Account" portal.

Summer reading books and items on hold may not be renewed.

Material Loan Period Renewals
New Books 14 Days 7 Days
Adult Books 28 Days 14 Days
Juvenile Books 28 Days 14 Days
Summer Reading Materials (Grades 2-8, Any) Mid Sept.-Mid June 28 Days 14 Days
Summer Reading Materials (Grades 2-8, Any) Mid June-Mid Sept. 14 Days No Renewals
Summer Reading Materials (Grades 9-12, Any) Mid Sept.-Mid June 28 Days 14 Days
Summer Reading Materials (Grades 9-12, Any) Mid June-Mid Sept. 14 Days No Renewals
Adult Audiobooks (Cassettes & CDs) 28 Days 14 Days
Juvenile Audiobooks 28 Days 14 Days
DVDs 7 Days 1 Day
DVDs (Non-Fiction) 7 Days 3 Day
CDs 7 Days 7 Days

Fines & Fees

Material Daily Fines Maximum Fine
New Books $0.25 $10.00
Adult Books $0.25 $10.00
Juvenile Books $0.10 $10.00
Summer Reading Materials (Grades 2-8, Any) Nov-May $0.10 $10.00
Summer Reading Materials (Grades 2-8, Any) Jun-Oct $0.25 $10.00
Summer Reading Materials (Grades 9-12, Any) $0.25 $10.00
Adult Audiobooks (Cassettes & CDs) $0.25 $10.00
Juvenile Audiobooks $0.10 $5.00
DVDs $1.00 $10.00
CDs $0.25 $10.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Event Fee
Fax Transmission Services $1.75 (First Page) & $1.00 (Each Additional Page)
Replacement Card $3.00
Lost or Damaged Items (Processing Fee) $5.00
Missing Barcode $0.50
Incomplete Media Items ** Designated Replacement Cost
Collection Agency Fee $10.00

** "Incomplete Media Items" includes DVDs, CDs and CD-Roms returned without cover art, liner notes, booklets, and/or accessories.

Summer Reading Books

To ensure that everyone has a chance to access the Summer Reading Collection, the following special rules will apply:

  • 14 day loan period during May-Oct
  • No renewals during May-Oct
  • Only 2 Children's books (Grades 2-8, Any) or 1 High School Book (Grades 9-12, Any) may be checked out on an individual library card at one time.
  • No reserves allowed